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Online Arc Flash Safety Training

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Arc Flash is one of the most dangerous hazards that electricians, industrial workers and electrical contractors face.

It's far more common than you think. Every day, in North America, workers are injured, hospitalized or killed by arc flash accidents.

The unfortunate reality is that many of these fatal incidents could have been prevented through proper safety procedures.

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Here is an overview of Arc Flash Safety Training taught by Doug Baucom, P.E.

Doug’s clear and concise presentation of arc flash safety essentials is geared to prepare all electrical workers to stay safe on the job.


What is an arc flash? This dangerous phenomenon happens when an electric current travels through the air between conductors, or even ground. It occurs violently, in a fraction of a second. The speed of the event is so fast that there is no way for a victim to get out of the way and protect themselves. It happens frequently when the equipment being worked on is energized.

What are the effects of Arc flash? The effects of an arc flash can be devastating. The flash can produce temperatures upwards of 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit, burning everything in its path.

With 2,000 pounds of pressure per square foot, it will violently knock anyone on the ground.

The accompanying light, soundwaves, and fumes can be just as damaging. Arc flash sound blasts are as loud as a gun at up to 140 dB. The flames and heat coming from the arc flash can easily ignite a building fire, causing further damage and loss of life. Anything metal propelled by the blast is molten from the heat, and can penetrate clothing, skin, and everything else in its path.

The economic cost of arc flash is daunting. Treatment for a severely burned worker costs $1.5 million dollars on average. When you consider the added cost of equipment and structural damage, litigation and lost business, the cost can top $30 million dollars.

Of course, the human toll is even worse.
Each time an electrical worker dies, their loved ones face an unimaginable loss.

Their dependents face not only the tragedy of losing a husband, wife, dad or mom, but the financial uncertainty that comes along with the loss of family income.

Injuries are often permanently debilitating,
leaving someone with no way to work and support their family for the rest of their life.

How does arc flash usually occur? Arc flash can happen in many different circumstances when handling, maintaining or working near high-voltage electrical equipment and installations. When the conditions are ripe for electricity to leave its intended path, it can unpredictably happen at any time. There are a few common conditions that make an arc flash event even more likely such as:

How can arc flash be prevented? It’s essential for all electricians to be certified and trained on the dangers of arc flash, and how to avoid it. Proper protective work technique is achievable, but it takes time and preparation. If checklist items aren’t followed, and corners are cut, accidents can and will happen.

Proper arc flash training is the most effective way to make sure that proper procedures are followed each and every time electrical work is performed. Training needs to contain all the important details, yet be easy enough to follow, so the information will be understandable.

Clear and concise training




One of the most effective training programs offered is from Doug Baucom, P.E. Doug’s clear and concise presentation of arc flash essentials is geared to prepare all electrical workers to stay safe on the job.

Our training is different. We know your time is valuable, and we make the most of it. Doug’s arc flash safety course is just 2 hours. It contains easy-to-follow, key elements, and information. It also contains an illustrated, interactive exercise emphasizing the vitally-important arc flash boundaries concept.



Access full set of assets to manage trainees. Assign courses, view and download trainee progress, completion and history reports.

Our training is fully accredited and in compliance with NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

When the exam is passed, each trainee is certified and receives a personalized certificate and 4 CEU credits (NCBEEC).

What You Will Learn This clear, concise and informative course covers every single one of the essentials needed to prevent arc flash, injury and damage.

over20 topics covered

About training:

each trainee receives:

1. Is energized electrical work ever permitted? Under what circumstances is energized electrical work permitted?

2. Energized Electrical Work Permitting Elements of Energized Electrical Work Permit

3. Causes of Arc Flash events Prevention

4. Damages from Arc Flash events Typical injuries
Equipment damage

5. Slide presentation of actual Arc Flash event

6. Photos of actual injuries due to Arc Flash events

7. How does Arc Flash compare to Electrocution?

8. Hazardous effects of electricity on the human body

9. What are the requirements to be considered a Qualified Electrical Worker?

10. Emergency Response Training

11. Electrical Hazards

12. Arc Flash warning labels

13. Arc Flash boundaries & safe approach distances

14. PPE Clothing & Equipment Requirements

15. Care and maintenance of PPE

16. Approved tools

17. Alerting & barricades

18. Single line drawings

19. Risk reduction techniques

20. Lockout/Tagout Definition

21. Typical causes of Lockout/Tagout injuries

22. Power sources to consider

23. Lockout application

24. Lockout devices & tags

25. Step by step procedure for Lockout/Tagout

26. Exceptions to Lockout/Tagout requirements

27. Electrical Safety

28. Causes of electrical shock

29. Typical injuries resulting from electrical shock

30. Overload hazards

31. Electrical protective devices

32. Overhead & underground power lines

33. Electrical code violations

34. Guarding of live parts

35. Warning signs of electrical hazards

36. Volt Meter Safety Setting up a voltmeter properly
Verifying that the voltage detector is rated for the task

About Training Presenter

Doug Baucom

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    Doug Baucom has over 30 years of experience as an electrical engineer, specializing in the field of electrical safety.
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    He’s worked throughout the US and Canada performing arc flash assessments for over a decade.
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    Utility workers, electrical contractors, electricians, and maintenance workers from some of the biggest companies have benefited from the easy-to-follow and detailed training they’ve received from Doug Baucom.

what others are saying

James R. – Control Systems Engineer Doug (Baucom) is an outstanding instructor. So his training courses are quite effective. I found the online version of it was good, specifically because anything he covers in class, he covers online. Doug is just simply – he’s a very experienced engineer. He always keeps up with the rules and regulations and he’s always on top of it.

Robert N. – Maintenance Manager I think he’s (Doug Baucom) very good at what he does. He keeps you engaged. He gives you good information. Everybody that took it was very pleased taking the class both times we took it. The people who took the online class had a similar experience.

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